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Who will win the Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2018?



Rajasthan has the track record of non-repeating govt After 1990.

In Rajasthan same kind of voice raising at the time Gujrat elections. Congress was winning but end result you know.

People are not voting BJP they are voting Modi.

Achievement of e-Ratna award winner Vashundra Raje –

  1. Bhamashah – I live in Jaipur and lots of people from small-town came to Jaipur for hospital treatment. they are getting benefits from
  2. Food at 8 – Anpurana scheme gaining traction from people due to avilable food at 8 INR. Can you believe? Yes approx 100+ food truck in Rajasthan big city as well small town serving.
  3. Dravyavati Nadi– One of the biggest achievement of Vashundra Raje that they complete 75% work of Dravyavati Nadi.

Congress can win – Congress can’t win Rajasthan then nothing will be for Congress in parliament elections. RAGA raising concern Rafal but peoples not interested !! Bofors was generated by Congress cabinet minister.

Ashok Gehlot – I wish this man should be Cheif minister of Rajasthan.

But In Bikaner people raising Slogan of Rameshwar Lal Dudi !!

Congress is scattered in Rajasthan No Team Work.

If you want to analyze the Rajesthan Government and breakdown it’s tenure, so let me give you few of my insights.

Assembly elections of 2018 can be regarded as semifinals to the Lok Sabha polls of 2019. The election to the state of Rajasthan with a population of 6.89 crores (as per 2011 census) and 200 assembly seats are going to be held somewhere around December 2018 since the tenure of Rajasthan assembly ends on January 20, 2019. Many past trends, caste and religion equation along with the performance of the present government of Vasundhara Raje and the bypoll results 2018 are going to affect the election results. The election will also in a way serve as a litmus test of the popularity of Narendra Modi. Let’s look in detail and try to find out which party will win the Rajasthan Elections 2018?

History of Rajasthan Elections –

The dominance of Congress in Rajasthan was broken by BJP in 1990 under Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, who ruled the state till 1998, after that we have seen alternate Congress and BJP government till present. However, this election may result in something different due to Modi effect and BJP’s dominance in the present Indian political scene.

Demographic Trends and caste –

Hinduism is majority religion in the state of Rajasthan with 88.49 % followers. Islam is second most popular religion in the state of Rajasthan with approximately 9.07 % following it. Jats and Meenas are the two powerful communities both comprising about 10% of the population of the state. There has been a history of the struggle between different communities in Rajasthan. In 2009, Meena community has opposed the demand of Gujjar community to be included in the ST category.

There has also been a historic rivalry between the Jat and Rajput communities in which since the early years of years of independence Jats voted for Congress and the Rajputs generally for the opposition fractions. But the decision of Congress to make Asok Gehlot CM in 2008 who belongs to Mali community didn’t get well down among the Jats.

Participate in  Rajasthan Opinion Poll 2018: Who will win 2018 Rajasthan Elections?

Performance of Vasundhara Raje’s Government –

Rajasthan government had done fairly well in particularly two schemes


A scheme for woman empowerment and financial inclusion & BHAMASHAH SWASTHYA BIMA YOJNA for providing medical benefits to around 60% population of the state with the cashless treatment at even private hospitals.


This scheme is very much successful to the public participation and financial contribution from the public.

But in the recent past, Rajasthan has been in news for hate crimes and politics of polarization. A dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan was lynched by a suspected mob of cow vigilant in the Alwar district. Also, Umar Khan, 35, was found dead near railway tracks at Ramgarh with his family accusing the cow vigilant for the crime. Not only that, in the campaign in the recent bypolls in Alwar, BJP leader Jaswant Yadav told a rally that “If you are a Hindu, vote for the BJP. Muslims will go with the Congress.” Also, a Facebook post by BJP MLA from Alwar on 2 January stated that Muslims are having more children to outnumber Hindus and take over the country. Agrarian discontent will also be a worry for BJP, since the farmer protest of Mandsaur, MP soon spread to Rajasthan as farmers sought higher MSPs and loan waiver. However, the state government in September announced a Rs 60,000 crore farm loan waiver, which may douse some of the anger.

People have immense trust in Modi and I guess they would vote for BJP and not the Congress.

Whatever the exit polls say which comprise few thousand samples i think BJP would manage 110 seats due to Modi’s fame and congress would find it hard to cross 80 seats .

Rest time will tell. Vote Wisely.


अलवर शहरी विधानसभा के चुनावी दंगल में उतरे भाजपा के संजय शर्मा और कांग्रेस से श्वेता सैनी




राजस्थान विधान सभा चुनावों का दौर शुरू हो चूका है। चुनावों के इस दौर में सभी पार्टियां चुनावी प्रचारो में जोरो से लगी हुए है  हाल ही में छत्तीसगढ़ मध्यप्रदेश और राजस्थान में चुनाव होने हैं। और ये चुनाव सभी पार्टिओ के लिए महत्वपूर्ण मने जा रहे हैं क्योकि कहीं न कहीं इन चुनावों में जीत या हार 2019 के राज्यसभा चुनावों में विभिन्न राजनैतिक पार्टिओ की छवि से जोड़ कर देखा जा रहा है।

वही बात राजस्थान में अलवर जिले की बात की जाए तो अलवर जिले में कुल 11 विधानसभा सीटें हैं और इन 11 सीटों के लिए विभिन्न पार्टिओ के उम्मीदवार मैदान में हैं, पिछले आंकड़ों को देखे तो पिछले विधानसभा चुनाव में इन 11 सीटों में से 9 सीटें अकेले बीजेपी ने जीती थी वही कांग्रेस को एक और एक सीट अन्य के खाते में गई थी।

इस बार ध्यान देने वाली बात यह है कि अलवर अरबन सीट से बीजेपी की तरफ से संजय शर्मा चुनावी मैदान में हैं वही कांग्रेस की तरफ से श्वेता सैनी। संजय शर्मा बीजेपी के एक विश्वशनीय नेता के तौर पर 25 सालों से भारतीय जनता पार्टी में हैं शर्मा भाजपा के प्रदेश मंत्री के साथ साथ जयपुर देहात के प्रभारी का कार्य भी संभल रहे थे।

वहीं बात कांग्रेस की करें तो पहले कांग्रेस की तरफ से कहा गया की जितेन्द्रे सिंह चुनाव लड़ेंगे फिर अजय अग्रवाल कोंग्रस में शामिल हुए तो उनके नाम की चर्चा हुई और इन तमाम उलझनों के बाद कांग्रेस ने श्वेता सैनी को अपना उम्मीदवार बनाया। इस बार कांग्रेस के लिए यह मुश्किल हो गया है कि वो अपने किस नेता का नाम सामने करें की पार्टी को अच्छा बहुमत मिले क्योकि संजय शर्मा बीजेपी की तरफ से एक कर्मठ और सुयोग्य उम्मीदवार माने जा हैं। कही न कही शर्मा की छवि पार्टी से लेकर जनता तक श्वेता सैनी से बेहतर बताई जा रही है और इस प्रकार अलवर शहरी क्षेत्र से बीजेपी और पार्टी  उम्मीदवार संजय शर्मा दोनों का पलड़ा कांग्रेस के मुकाबले भरी दिख रहा है। वही श्वेता सैनी के बारे में बात की जाए तो उनका रिकॉर्ड कुछ खास नहीं रहा है। पिछले नगरपालिका परिषद चुनावों में उनकी हार हुई थी तो हैरान करने वाली बात यह है कि इसके बावजूद भी कांग्रेस पार्टी ने उन्हें अपना उमीदवार बनाया है।

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Rajasthan Elections 2018: People and Interviews on Ground




The Universal Post is on Road with their special squad to cover Rajasthan Assembly Elections. The team is studying and has surveyed on ground with people of Rajasthan to know the report what people are thinking for these elections. What will be the result? We still have to wait for the D-Day. But a brief report the team has shared is:

In 2013 when state assembly elections in Rajasthan happened, People in Rajasthan were told to vote BJP in election campaigns in order to see Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. BJP supporters came with paper pamphlets with picture of lotus, Narendra Modi and Vasundra Raje.

How state assembly election can get anything to do with Prime minister post?

But those sentiments were used by BJP to gain the power in states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh where two parties were there (INC and BJP). Fourth state of Delhi was also having state elections where a new party of AAP was also contesting election.

So results were:

  1. a) Rajasthan – BJPfull Majority
  2. b) MP – BJPfull Majority
  3. c) Chattisgarh – BJPfull Majority
  4. d) Delhi – FracturedMandate(No party got full majority)

So inferences are- Either party can win full majority if there are only two major parties in state.

Coming to question about Rajasthan-

Congress has equal 50% chances to come in Rajasthan as BJP.

Last five state governments of Rajasthan were:

  1. a) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat(1993–1998) BJPgovernment
  2. b) Ashok Gehlot(1998–2003) Congressgovernment
  3. c) Vasundhara Raje(2003–2008) BJPgovernment
  4. d) Ashok Gehlot (2008–2013) Congressgovernment
  5. e) Vasundhara Raje (2013–in power) BJPgovernment

So what we infer by the opinion of Public of Rajasthan is that no party out of both has done good job for the state in overall. Public of Rajasthan has been trying with both parties since last two decades but none of them is doing satisfactory work for the state as our Team Surveyed. Both political parties fight elections and forget about the state. Central administration of both parties don’t pay heed to the state and state government is busy working for their districts and does not bother about remaining part of the state. People are tired of trying but do not have any other option, other than to choose one among the two.

For Congress, if they have any chances to come in power in any state, then it has to be state of Rajasthan. But still it would be difficult because BJP would use the name of Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) again for state victory as they did last time.

P.M. Narendra Modi is doing great in center but how is it helping the state, since state is still doing what it has been doing since decades. Congress to win in Rajasthan has to do what they did in Punjab state election in 2016.

Going on past Congress has good chance to cash on the situation and try to do something good in state to revive itself from what it has become today.

BJP should not take easy against Congress and do better than what they have been doing in the state of Rajasthan.

Congress started to decline in states ever since the NDA government acceded to the throne in 2014. Some strategic modification in the party is the perquisite for winning the state elections of these large states.

During the Rajasthan Ground Report of our Team we have analyzed What people of Rajasthan want:

  • Rajasthan has the potential to increase its arable area if proper agricultural infrastructure is provided.

Election manifestos should reflect their plans of increasing the arable area

  • Trying to ally with the former princes of the Mewar, Bhatis of Jaisalmer, Hadas, Kotas

Dynasties who till date are formidable among the people can be the game changer.

  • Promising infrastructural upliftment.

Change for the good is never too late.

This report is a complete summarize version of what people of Rajasthan think. The Universal Post has not analyzed this report totally on the emotions of people over there.

It is definitely going to be interesting results.

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Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana – The Medical Boon for Rajesthan



Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana is a scheme aimed at offering IPD patients with access to cashless facility. It is a budget declaration for the financial year 2014-15 and is only open to people from Rajasthan. All families covered under the RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana) and NFSA (National Food Security Act) can avail this scheme. The premium payments for each family are fixed and must be made on an annual basis on floater policy.

Check Your Eligibility

The insurer for the scheme is chosen via open competitive public sector insurance company and a two-stage bidding process. The insurer chosen by the scheme is the New India Assurance Company as it offers the most attractive rates across the country for a scheme possessing the most comprehensive features.

Features of Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana:

The main objective of the scheme is to improve health indicators.

The scheme offered reduction in additional expenses whilst offering financial cover to customers against illnesses.

Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana aims to reduce the financial risk of surplus expenditure on healthcare by making use of insurance as a solution.

The scheme aims at squashing the government’s vision of minimum government and maximum governance.

The scheme aims at creating a large health database that can be used in the future during policy level decisions / changes.

The scheme aims at bringing about a revolution in healthcare in rural regions by encouraging the private sector to start providing hospitalization services whilst lowering the rising concerns on government facilities.

Benefits of Bhamashah Health Insurance:

Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana offers benefits to beneficiaries of the National Food Security Scheme and beneficiaries of the Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana. The scheme is expected to be implemented via Bhamashah Cards. However, identity related to Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and the National Food Security Scheme must also be honored until the issuance of Bhamashah cards. Following are the key benefits offered by Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana:

In-house claims processing software and standardized and transparent grading criteria for hospitals.

Verified and well-defined medical protocols.

Mobile application for the monitoring of all government officials in the district.

Removal of TPA and effective monitoring mechanism for the prevention of cost escalation and leakages.

Immediate reduction on government health institutions.

Opportunity for poor people to approach private health institutions for health services.

Financial improvement of Medicare Relief Societies of Government Health Institutions.

Health Insurance Cover for general illnesses Rs.30, 000

Critical Illness Cover Rs.3 lacs

Pre-hospitalisation expenses Cover for seven days

Post-hospitalisation expenses Cover for 15 days

Transport allowance for polytrauma and cardiac cases Rs.100 to Rs.500

Patients will also receive 1045 packages to choose from under General Illnesses, 170 packages for government hospitals, and 500 packages under Critical Illnesses. These cashless benefits and services will be provided via empanelled private health institutions and public health institutions.

The package costs include bed charges, consultant fees such as surgeons’ and anaesthetists’ charges, boarding and nursing charges, blood, consumables, implants, anaesthesia, medicines, implants, cost of pathological diagnostic and radiological tests such as x-ray, urine and blood, transportation allowance for cardiac and polytrauma cases, and food for beneficiary during hospital admission.

How to Apply for Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana?

The authority issuing Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana selects applicants based on a two-stage bidding process. The Qualification Stage is the first stage of the process and includes prequalification of interested individuals according to the provisions of the Request for Quotation (RFQ). Once the Qualification Stage is complete, the applicants short-listed by the issuing authority will gain eligibility to participating in the Bid Stage, which is the next stage of the bidding process involving the Request for Proposal.

Guidelines have been issued by the Indian government regarding the qualification of bidders interested in acquiring stakes in companies or firms from the public sector via disinvestment. The issuing authority reserves the right to disqualify any applicant if they do not comply with the guidelines at any step of the Bidding Process.

Should an applicant satisfy all guidelines and qualify to bid, he / she must provide the issuing authority with an undertaking regarding the same in the Appendix-I form. During the second stage, the short-listed applicants will be requested to furnish their bids (financial offers) based on the terms and conditions specified within the Bidding Documents. The validity of the bid will extend to a minimum period of 120 days from the Bid Due Date.

The proposal and bidding documents furnished by the applicant shall be part of the scheme’s draft insurance agreement. Any other documents issued after the RFP documents shall also be part of the bidding documents.

At the second stage, bidders can carefully scrutinise the scheme if they wish to carry out any studies prior to the submission of bids to acquire the insurance. The coverage mentioned in the bid document will be provided by Public Sector Insurance Companies for the premium amount according to which bids are invited. In this RFP, “Highest Bidder” refers to the applicant offering the lowest premium. The terms and conditions of the scheme, such as tenure and other details, will be pre-determined and mentioned in the draft insurance agreement.

This scheme has been started by the Government of Vasundhara Raje. This scheme is only for the people of Rajasthan.

The scheme will be cached-free treatment of eligible families in government and some selected private hospitals. This will provide health services to all members of the family. In this scheme, every eligible family is getting 30 thousand rupees for general illnesses and health insurance cover of Rs 3 lakh for serious diseases every year. In this scheme 1715 diseases have been covered under insurance cover.

This scheme is better than the insurance scheme being run in the states and states. Only in the scheme that was already available in the state of Rajasthan, only medicines and checks got cashless, but now in Bhamashah Health Insurance scheme, check, treatment, doctor’s fees, operation Etc. All have been included. This scheme will help the poor and poor families of the state to get their treatment so that they can get their treatment.


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