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Rajasthan Elections 2018: Public Opinion Ground Report



The Universal Post’s Ground Report before the Rajasthan Assembly Elections on 7th December. Incumbency is a convenient fig leaf to cover non-performance. Election is an acid test of performance. This is a direct fight between BJP and Congress. Rajasthan Elections 2018 will be the game changer for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Our Team has analyzed factors that decide the outcome of elections in the state:

  • Rajasthan is bipolar in character with BJP and Congress as two major parties slugging it out.
  • BJP is ruling the state now.
  • Rajasthan is alternating between BJP and Congress.
  • In 2014 Rajasthan was swept by BJP, by securing 25 out of 25 in Lok Sabha.
  • Rajasthan have maintained a vote difference of 13%
  • As we know people are giving clear majority to a party. Congress had a ignominious defeat in Rajasthan in last assembly elections.
  • Congress is facing internal conflicts and sabotage. They have two faces Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot.


Will the BJP retain the state?

Public Opinion:

  1. Rajasthan is alternating between Congress and BJP. In 2018 it is the turn of Congress. Congress can take advantage of the anti-incumbency of BJP.
  2. Vasundara Raje has been doing well in development angle. Hence Congress may find it difficult to attack on development.
  3. Law and Order is fairly good in Rajasthan except for isolated incidents.
  4. Vasundara, being a Rajput, has the full backing of the community who form substantial portion of the population.
  5. Hindus form 88% of the population and Muslims 9%. Hindutva, works and polarization on religious basis helps BJP. People are very conscious of their religion.
  6. Since Rajasthan has a long border with Pakistan, any issues pertaining to Pakistan will have a bearing on the state.
  7. Padmavati, film of Bhansali, is resented by the people. By banning the film the state government has scored a point against Congress.
  8. BJP has the initial momentum. It is yet to be seen how the state leadership encases its advantages.

People & Interviews

Can Congress win the 2018 Rajasthan Assembly elections, or will it be the BJP again?




RAJASTHANI people are smartest one, in context of giving political power. They never allow any ruling party to have full power and hold. There is history of choosing alternating parties. This is the reason why no party claims Rajasthan as their main state. Ahead of Rajasthan Assembly Elections, this is our Ground Report.

In 2013 Assembly Elections and 2014 Lok Sabha Elections BJP came this time there is good chance of congress. However people are happy with government’s development work.

These are some of the points which causes win of BJP as shared by a people of Rajasthan to our team on Ground.

  1. BJP(NDA) Has Very Unique Marketing Strategy.(PM as well)
  2. All of the Cabinet Ministers are socially active which leads it to Target youth.
  3. Also having very good involvement of trending matter whereas opponent used to run-away from situation (nothing to brag about here)
  4. Already we’ve seen so many big marginal victories in many big states.
  5. After urban areas it now covering all the rural areas now!
  6. As numbers of voters are increasing day by day we can conclude that people are getting aware and started taking interest in polity.

Our Team had a conversation with number of people on Ground. What TUP has learned here is that there are some initiatives which BJP has under its belt to show off. Like Bhamashah Health Insurance, Digitization of services, Sampark Portal, Water conservation schemes, Scholarship of General Category students and few more.

  • Rajasthan is a unique state where power is alternating between Congress and BJP. In 2013 Ashok Ghelot, lost the election even though he had some creditable performance in some sectors. But his complete neglect of infrastructure cost him his election. Also struggles within the party made his cause difficult.
  • Vasundara Raje has been successful in giving highest importance to development of the state. She is able to bring the state on the road of development. In Skill Development Rajasthan stands first on all India level. While in investment Rajasthan is third as per RBI. As per World Bank Rajasthan is sixth in ease of doing business. In Solar Energy development Rajasthan stands first. Also stands first nationally in building toilets under Swatch Bharath Abhyan. All these achievements are only the beginning of a change in development witnessed in the state. The present BJP government is riding high on its development or Vikas.
  • Unlike in 2013, in 2018 assembly election, a new issue having very wide ramifications has cropped up under the film Padmavati. The dream scene, the dance of Padmavati, the sequence of seeing the reflection of princess Padmavati through the mirror when no mirror was invented at that time, became contentious issues which Rajputs under Karni Sena, are against. This has given a handle to the BJP, government. How far this will affect the election or help BJP is a moot question.
  • Unlike Ashok Ghelot and Sachin Pilot who had to face internal sabotage, Vasundara do not have such problems. Secondly BJP is endowed with a Charismatic leader under Modi, whose presence itself makes a lot of difference. Thirdly there is no corruption case against Vasundara or her ministry. Fourthly the government is focused on development and they are visible. Finally BJP has a strong organization unlike Congress. Hence the contest will be close and unpredictable as of now.


This is a Public Opinion which TUP has got on ground covering Rajasthan Elections 2018 closely. Everyday there can be a new story a change but till now this is the situation and facts we gathered. Let’s see who will win Rajasthan Elections 2018 – BJP or Congress.

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PM Modi- The Universal Post

Going for India Inc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said he doesn’t have faith in the way of life of condemning industry and corporates who he accepts are doing praiseworthy social work close by their business. PM Modi additionally said he needed residents to make good on their government expenses genuinely as well as do their bit for social change.

PM Modi- The Universal Post

PM Does Not Believe in Criticising Corporates.

“In our nation, the general picture is to manhandle specialists, industrialists. I don’t know why it is so however it has turned into a design. This isn’t a line of thought I concur with,” PM Modi stated, tending to IT experts and tech honchos in a townhall where he encouraged innovation organizations to contribute their aptitude and labor to bring social change. “We have seen today, in this townhall program, how driving IT corporates are getting along incredible social work, encouraging their representatives to add to the general public,” he included.

This is the second time that PM Modi has gone to bat for corporate India. In July, PM Modi had expressed that he was not frightened to be seen with industrialists as his soul was clear and that they too had added to the improvement of the nation.

PM Modi said under his administration, more individuals are settling regulatory expenses since they have confidence that their cash is being utilized legitimately, however upheld an ‘assessment in addition to one’ framework where residents complete somewhat more towards society other than genuinely making good on government obligations. PM Modi said the future lies in innovation, which ought to be utilized to create answers for issues confronting the world’s quickest developing economy.

With the ongoing spike in worldwide oil costs making a smaller than usual frenzy on retail fuel costs in the nation, PM Modi said moving to electric vehicles is an answer and needed household social business people to build up a minimal effort show that is upheld by reasonable and effectively chargeable battery.

At the occasion, IT organizations like Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra and Mindtree exhibited the social change endeavors being attempted by them and their workers and promised their help to the recently propelled activity ‘self4society’.

The new gateway named as ‘Fundamental Nahi Hum’ – will go about as a stage for organizations to contribute their innovation, aptitudes and HR assets towards different social causes, including money related education, budgetary consideration, independent venture enablement, and Swachh Bharat. Upwards of 85 IT organizations which utilize 2 million individuals have officially enlisted themselves on the stage.

PM Modi said the citizen base in India has risen not because of danger of punitive activity but rather on the grounds that citizens have confidence that their cash is being utilized legitimately and for the welfare of individuals.

“Settling regulatory obligation is ‘prakriti’ (characteristic), not covering government expense is ‘vikriti’ (distortion). However, making good on regulatory expense in addition to accomplishing more is ‘sanskriti’ (culture),” he said.

“I acknowledge legitimate citizens whose numbers have expanded. In any case, assess that is paid is a piece of the framework. Social administration is assess in addition to something. We have to make that,” PM Modi said.

Amid 2017-18 financial, the immediate assessment to GDP proportion of 5.98 percent has been the best over the most recent 10 years. There is a development of more than 80 percent in the quantity of profits recorded in the last four budgetary years from 3.79 crore in FY 2013-14 (base year) to 6.85 crore in FY 2017-18, as per the Finance Ministry.

Indian Corporates- The Universal Post

PM Believes Corporates are doing good work with their business.

PM Modi additionally said volunteering endeavors by the tech organizations could achieve change in different parts, including horticulture. Youths must endeavor out and work for the welfare of agriculturists, he stated, and spoke to dedicated ranchers to grasp dribble water system.

Accentuating that sparing regular assets was an aggregate duty, Modi stated, “We have turned out to be extremely thoughtless with regards to utilization of water. We have to save water and reuse water as well.” PM Modi said the image of the Swachh Bharat Mission is the exhibitions of Mahatma Gandhi, who is the motivation for a perfect India. “We are satisfying Bapu’s vision,” he said.

“On numerous events, what sarkar (government) can’t do, sanskar (culture) can do. Give us a chance to make neatness a piece of our esteem frameworks,” he said as he asked subjects and the tech network to figure how they can increase the value of society through social endeavors.

Governments may have plans and spending plans however the accomplishment of any activity lies openly association, he said. “I am certain individuals need to work for other people, they need to serve society and bring a constructive distinction,” PM Modi called attention to.

The townhall was gone to by corporate fat cats and industry pioneers like Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh, NIIT Technologies Vice Chairman and Managing Director Arvind Thakur and Indian Cellular Association National President, Pankaj Mohindroo. Among others, Infosys Foundation Chairperson Sudha Murthy took an interest

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Ranveer Singh- The Universal Post

The commencement to the wedding of the year has started after Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone reported that they will be getting married on November 14 and 15. late morning has now discovered that the celebration will be a four-day issue in Lake Como in Italy, beginning with the sangeet on November 13. It has likewise been heard that the power couple will have two wedding services, according to North Indian and South Indian traditions individually.

Ranveer Singh- The Universal Post

Countdown To One of the Most Awaited Weddings Started.

A source near the on-screen characters says, “Since Deepika is a South Indian and Ranveer is of Sindhi-Punjabi inception, the two families chose to pursue traditions honed by the two networks. A South Indian wedding has been gotten ready for November 14, finish with Kannadiga ceremonies. The following day will see the couple solemnize their relationship according to the traditions of a North Indian wedding.”

As announced before, the enormous, fat wedding will occur at Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como. With scarcely three weeks to go for the enormous day, the list if people to attend has been drawn up. We hear, Padukone and Singh wish to make it a cozy issue and are said to have welcomed just four companions from the film business.

Deepika Padukone- The universal Post

Ranveer-Deepika Announced Wedding on November 14-15.

The source includes, “Given her profound bond with Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan who had propelled her in Bollywood, Deepika was sure that she needs them close by on the favorable day. The couple likewise considers Aditya Chopra and Sanjay Leela Bhansali their tutors. The festivals will be trailed by a cozy gathering on November 15.”

A stupendous gathering is on the cards after they come back to the straight. “The two will have a gathering at Grand Hyatt on December 1. As their wedding is a cozy issue, the gathering will be a fantastic one where they will welcome their Bollywood companions.”

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