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PM- The Universal Post

India never eyes any other individual’s domain however will hit back with “twofold the power” if its sway is ever tested, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday at an occasion to check the 75th commemoration of declaration of the Azad Hind government by Subhas Chandra Bose.

PM- The Universal Post

India Will Always Protect it’s Sovereignty , PM Said.

He likewise said his legislature is progressing in the direction of giving the furnished forces better innovation and most recent weapons even as endeavors are in progress to make the lives of officers less demanding by giving them better offices. “We are heading towards building an armed force which was once imagined by Netaji (Bose),” PM said.

Modi said his legislature took choices, for example, doing careful strikes over the Line of Control and giving advantages of ‘one rank, one annuity’ to ex-servicemen. The leader raised the national banner at the notable Red Fort to check the occasion.

Wearing the top of the Indian National Army displayed to him by one of the nearby associates of Bose, Modi said it has been the Indian convention not to eye another person’s domain, “but rather when our sway is tested, we will hit back with twofold the power”. The leader said India will keep on utilizing its military may “just for self preservation”.

Indian Army- The Universal Post

No One Can and Should Underestimate India’s Power.

He additionally advised individuals against powers inside and outside India which are neutralizing the nation by focusing on its freedom, solidarity and constitution.

“It is the obligation of each Indian to battle and annihilation such powers,” he stated, including that a sentiment of patriotism and “Indianness” is must to counter such outlines.

Alluding to the resistance looked by Bose when he chose to build up the Rani Jhansi Regiment – an all ladies unit of the INA, Modi said the regiment would finish 75 years of its foundation on Monday.

He said the present government is attempting to satisfy the fantasies of Bose even as he reviewed the choice to enable ladies in the Army to choose perpetual commission from short administration commission following a straightforward strategy.

The PM said the aviation based armed forces is set to have the primary bunch of ladies military pilots. “Today, India has Nirmala Sitharaman as its first lady defense minister,” he brought up.

He said back payments worth Rs 11,000 crore have been discharged for ex-servicemen under the ‘one rank, one annuity’ (OROP) conspire. OROP, coupled by proposals of the seventh pay commission, has given “twofold bonanza” to previous servicemen, he said. Modi likewise said the work on the National War Memorial is in its last stages.


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Rajasthan Elections 2018: People and Interviews on Ground




The Universal Post is on Road with their special squad to cover Rajasthan Assembly Elections. The team is studying and has surveyed on ground with people of Rajasthan to know the report what people are thinking for these elections. What will be the result? We still have to wait for the D-Day. But a brief report the team has shared is:

In 2013 when state assembly elections in Rajasthan happened, People in Rajasthan were told to vote BJP in election campaigns in order to see Mr. Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. BJP supporters came with paper pamphlets with picture of lotus, Narendra Modi and Vasundra Raje.

How state assembly election can get anything to do with Prime minister post?

But those sentiments were used by BJP to gain the power in states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh where two parties were there (INC and BJP). Fourth state of Delhi was also having state elections where a new party of AAP was also contesting election.

So results were:

  1. a) Rajasthan – BJPfull Majority
  2. b) MP – BJPfull Majority
  3. c) Chattisgarh – BJPfull Majority
  4. d) Delhi – FracturedMandate(No party got full majority)

So inferences are- Either party can win full majority if there are only two major parties in state.

Coming to question about Rajasthan-

Congress has equal 50% chances to come in Rajasthan as BJP.

Last five state governments of Rajasthan were:

  1. a) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat(1993–1998) BJPgovernment
  2. b) Ashok Gehlot(1998–2003) Congressgovernment
  3. c) Vasundhara Raje(2003–2008) BJPgovernment
  4. d) Ashok Gehlot (2008–2013) Congressgovernment
  5. e) Vasundhara Raje (2013–in power) BJPgovernment

So what we infer by the opinion of Public of Rajasthan is that no party out of both has done good job for the state in overall. Public of Rajasthan has been trying with both parties since last two decades but none of them is doing satisfactory work for the state as our Team Surveyed. Both political parties fight elections and forget about the state. Central administration of both parties don’t pay heed to the state and state government is busy working for their districts and does not bother about remaining part of the state. People are tired of trying but do not have any other option, other than to choose one among the two.

For Congress, if they have any chances to come in power in any state, then it has to be state of Rajasthan. But still it would be difficult because BJP would use the name of Narendra Modi (Prime Minister) again for state victory as they did last time.

P.M. Narendra Modi is doing great in center but how is it helping the state, since state is still doing what it has been doing since decades. Congress to win in Rajasthan has to do what they did in Punjab state election in 2016.

Going on past Congress has good chance to cash on the situation and try to do something good in state to revive itself from what it has become today.

BJP should not take easy against Congress and do better than what they have been doing in the state of Rajasthan.

Congress started to decline in states ever since the NDA government acceded to the throne in 2014. Some strategic modification in the party is the perquisite for winning the state elections of these large states.

During the Rajasthan Ground Report of our Team we have analyzed What people of Rajasthan want:

  • Rajasthan has the potential to increase its arable area if proper agricultural infrastructure is provided.

Election manifestos should reflect their plans of increasing the arable area

  • Trying to ally with the former princes of the Mewar, Bhatis of Jaisalmer, Hadas, Kotas

Dynasties who till date are formidable among the people can be the game changer.

  • Promising infrastructural upliftment.

Change for the good is never too late.

This report is a complete summarize version of what people of Rajasthan think. The Universal Post has not analyzed this report totally on the emotions of people over there.

It is definitely going to be interesting results.

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The Stand Up India – All you need to know about!



The Stand Up India conspire is secured by Department of Financial Services (DFS) to energize
greenfield ventures by SC/ST and ladies business visionaries.
The Stand Up India conspire is proposed to encourage something like two such undertakings for
every bank office, on a normal one for every class of business visionary.
The normal date of achieving the objective of no less than 2.5 lakh endorsements is three years from
the dispatch of the Stand Up India plot.
The Stand Up India conspire accommodates renegotiate window through Small Industries
Development Bank of India (SIDBI) with an underlying measure of Rs 10,000 crore.
The Stand Up India conspire accommodates making of a credit ensure instrument through the
National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company (NCGTC).
The Stand Up India plot accommodates handholding support for borrowers both at the pre credit
arrange and amid tasks. This would incorporate expanding their nature with figuring
administrations, enrollment with online stages and e-commercial centers and in addition sessions on
best practices and critical thinking. The Stand Up India plot centers around handholding support for
both SC/ST and Women borrowers.

The Stand Up India plan’s general aim is to use the institutional credit structure to connect with
these under-served parts of the populace by encouraging bank advances repayable up to 7 years
and between Rs 10 lakh to Rs 100 lakh for greenfield undertakings in the non cultivate area set up
by such SC, ST and Women borrowers.

The advance under the Stand Up India plan would be suitably anchored and upheld by a credit
ensure through a credit ensure conspire for which Department of Financial Services would be the
pilgrim and National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company Ltd. (NCGTC) would be the working
Edge cash of the composite credit under the Stand Up India plan would be up to 25%. Intermingling
with state plans is relied upon to diminish the real necessity of edge cash for various borrowers.
Over some undefined time frame, it is recommended that a record as a consumer of the borrower
be developed through Credit Bureaus.

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PM Modi - The Universal Post

In the wake of propelling a gateway that will authorize an advance to a MSME in 59 minutes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared 12 new choices for little enterprises which will improve their credit get to.

The MSME Outreach Program is relied upon to help the MSME since the segment is one of the real generators of work openings and making a noteworthy commitment to the general development of the nation’s economy.

PM Modi - The Universal Post

PM Modi Gave India the Diwali Gift.

Different declarations and expectations, focussing on access to credit, access to showcase, hand-holding and assistance support to the area was made amid the occasion. Different declarations and expectations focussing on access to credit, access to advertise, hand-holding and help support to the part were reported.

  1. 59-minutes advance Narendra Modi said the initial step taken by the legislature was to dispatch the 59-minute advance endorse gateway, which will permit simple and brisk credit up to Rs 1 lakh to independent companies.
  2. Automated irregular designation and a time period 48 hours max will be given to document report for any review to an investigator, and they wont choose which production line to go individually. Mechanized irregular portion will choose which investigator goes where.
  3. Advance choice Loan choice for GST enrolled firms will now be accessible through the GST gateway itself. For the exporters looking for advances on pre-shipment and post shipment, the refund has been expanded from 3% to 5%.
  4. Income sureness It will now be obligatory for organizations with a turnover of more than Rs 500 crore to join Trade Receivables e-Discounting System (TReDS) so MSMEs don’t confront inconvenience in income, expressed Narendra Modi.
  5. Intrigue concession-Government to raise intrigue concession on advances for MSME exporters to 5% from 3%. PM Modi likewise asked for vast organizations to clear bills of MSMEs quickly. More than 72,000 MSMEs have been allowed credits through this entryway, said Modi.
Policies- The Universal Post

PM Launches 12 New Policies to give Direct Benefit to Citizens.

  1. Snappy advance access-Government dispatches fast credit get to conspire for up to Rs 1 crore for MSME division. 2% refund for credits up to Rs 1 cr for GST-enlisted MSME.
  2. MSME’s driven by ladies Mandatory for PSUs to obtain up to 3 percent from MSMEs driven by ladies.
  3. Exchange receivables and e-marking down frameworks All organizations with turnover of more than Rs 500 crore would need to now come on Trade Receivables e-Discounting System (TReDS) stage so that there is no income issue for MSMEs.
  4. Pharma bunches for MSMEs-PM Modi said that legislature will set up pharma groups for MSMEs. Focus to endure 70% of setup cost. He likewise said that the Govt is to offer Rs 6,000 crore innovation upgradation bundle for MSMEs.
  5. Government e-Marketplace-Government e-Marketplace stage acquisition obligatory for AIIPSEs.
  6. Ecological laws-Easing consistence with natural principles, MSMEs will require single air and water leeway and only one agree to set up a production line.
  7. Unwinding in labor laws-MSMEs should document only one yearly profit for eight work laws and 10 focal standards. Modi included that a statute has been declared to disentangle collect of punishments for minor offenses under the Companies Act.
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